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Scrub Sink

Here is a small selection of our sinks. You can find more products in our brochure (download)

Instrument Washing Station with cabinet

 IWS 3S 200 

| Manufactured from 304G stainless steel.
| Two instrument washing sinks and one slope sink for draining.
| Deck mounted stretchable spring-loaded faucet.
| Common swivel tap for washing sinks.
| Air gun with spiral PU tube.
| All worktop edges are raised to prevent water drips.
| Water drain control for enzymatic soaking.
| Perforated SS brush holder. | Horizontal bottom platform with door for storing chemicals / supplies. 

dimension: 106”L x 30”W x 70”H.
Water gun with 8 different tips (Optional ).

Packing Table

| Designed for pre - sterilization inspection and packing of instruments and equipments.
| Manufactured from 304G stainless steel.
| TENTE wheels with diagonal brakes.
| Flexible holding baskets and storage shelves.
| Inbuilt paper holding arms.
| Electrical / Data sockets.
| Lockable drawer - 1nos.
| 3X, 7” magnifying glass with illumination (Optional).
| Monitor / CPU / Laptop storage (Optional).
| Height adjustment (Optional). 

Surgical Scrub Sink

200 series

| Made of SS304G stainless steel with satin finish and most optimal RA value.
| Automatic hands free / elbow operated water and automatic / foot operated hand scrub.
| Curved joints as per HTM standards ensuring perfect hygiene and ease of cleaning.
| Foldable back splash for easy refilling of hand scrub and routine maintenance.
| The unit is wall mounted for easy cleaning of the floor.

Single Station - SSAL 200PW

Double Station - DSAL 200PW

Three Station - TSAL 200PW