Consumables for all types of dispenser.

From 0.5 litre up to 2 litre bottles.

EURO-Bottle, Pouch, Cartridge System with or without pump.


Liquid  Disinfectants (Surface and Instrument)

Disinfection and cleaning of surfaces are very important measures to maintain the hygiene standard in medical facilities such as hospitals, medical practices and nursing homes as well as in the food industry. 

Regular surface disinfection prevents germ transmission to patients and personnel.  

 Waste Bin for medical facilities

Our broad range of medical waste bin made of stainless steel or powder coated in any RAL color of your choice gives you all the options you need.


Surgical Hand Brush

Three different types available

- sterile, without disinfectant

- with Povidone Iodine 7.5% 

- with Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%

Scrub Sink

Made of Stainless Steel

Available models for one, two and more stations.

Sensor faucet for water, soap and disinfectant.

Optional eye wash station, timer or UV-light water disinfection. 


Plastic or Stainless Steel

Manual and Sensor operated

Cartridge and Pouch System

Paper Dispenser

Plastic, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Powder Coated.

For standard layer fold, ZZ-fold paper and paper rolls.

Manual and Sensor operated. 

The Untouchable
 Multifunctional touchless faucet.

Water, soap and disinfectant in one unit.

Compact Hygiene in Clinic, Washroom and Kitchen.