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 Established in Dubai 2010, Inoquest Labs Industries LLC is committed to research, development and production of innovative products in disinfection, sanitation and cleaning.

It is our key concern to combine and balance our products efficiency with environmental responsibility. Inoquest Labs - as a young and dynamic company - is always on the level of the latest innovation and technological progress.

In addition to offering our products (as per list) we are committed to develop with our customers a problem-solving relation. Our customers aim to have the best disinfectant and cleaning solutions are the focus of our efforts. With customized concepts and products we are partners to reach that goal on a daily basis.

The competence and flexibility of our team members allows us to develop products for our individual customers particular needs and requirements. 

Through these unique efforts our ambition will be to build a durable trust and reliable cooperation with our customers.


Our product portfolio is wide and will be continually extended. Markets are changing, customer needs are changing. With implementing new products as per customer needs we keep you in business.

Products range from Hand Sanitizer, Medical & Hygiene Soaps, Shower Gel & Cosmetic, Instrument & Floor Cleaner, Dish Wash & Laundry Liquids, Dispenser, Scrub Sink & Waste Bin, Heel Incision Lancets & Medical Disposable


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7 filling lines for liquids; Filling volume 50ml - 10 Ltr; 4 mixers for liquids Liquid producon capacity per day 26,000 liters 

Table Pressing Machine EURO B up to 25mm; 20 staons; Mixer for powder Producon capacity of tablets: max. 120,000 per hour



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